"Nancy- The paintings in the office are awesome !!!"  Dr. Ray Polley DVM , New York

“I showed the painting to the girls and they both cried!  They can't believe how much of his personality Nancy was able to capture!  We just absolutely LOVE it!!!!  What a Gift!!!”   Savannah Kent

Hi Nancy!  How are you?  Ema and her family arrived as the painting! We opened the very well packaged together and it took our breath away!  I love studying the every little carefully placed details! We love it, I have it displayed in our kitchen!  If it doesn't fit in my luggage, I will have to just keep it, hehe! Thank you.. We are off to Japan next week, I will keep you posted!!  Thank you!!!!  Sincerely, Meri Jitsukawa

"Nancy: We all love the painting. There are no corrections or changes to be made. It is very good as is! I have tried to get Moose and Jodi to look at it but they are too busy chasing each other around the house and up and down the stairs when they are allowed to leave their lair. Mary's email is mbordenbirch@gmail.com. Thank you Nancy for the wonderful portrait of our two 'best friends'". George Birchfield

"We love it! Thank you for changing that for us, it definitely looks like our Oliver! Thank you so much for all the time and effort you've put in to it. We are excited to hang it in our house!" Rob and Kim S

"It couldn't be more perfect- everything is there- the ball, Seward Park and the lake, the city skyline, and the. The dogs are exactly as they are with their expressions and even the ears are right. Griffey is in front trying to get you to throw the ball and Zilgian as the background dog, sedate and just laying there. Really, it just couldn't be more perfect!" Dave M

"I just wanted to congratulate you on the wine label win. I love the whimsy and delight in your piece, and the colors and design will look beautiful on the wine bottle." Kimberly Santini

"The Rebel painting arrived yesterday and we are delighted with him. I know he will have a happy life here where he has many old friends who will be happy to see him again. The painting is terrific and I would like it to be sent to the desert address."  Marty H.

"The picture was worth the wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He is amazing... my father crying, but I didn't.  I SMILED!  He looks so happy so in his perfect place that I couldn't help but smile.  I can see him looking at me and at the ball and then back at me, which is the expression that would follow the one you captured.  I've felt like he has been present since he passed, but this makes me feel like he's here with us.  Watching over the house and still being in our lives".  THANK YOU!"   Jenny I.

"Sadly, my home is not a dog household since I lost my dear Dinah in July. I lost my sweet boy Dakota in September 2008. I can look at your wonderful painting of them and remember days that make me smile. Thank you again for my painting- I am so glad that I can look at it every day." Maggie R.

"Your work is ridiculously good." Sandy Burnstein

"I'm really looking forward to speaking, we're all huge fans of your work!"  Sara Lima, Modern Dog Magazine in reference to upcoming interview as selected feature artist for Summer 2012 issue of MDM.

"Having the painting has kept Emma with us- we refer to her in the painting in our conversations. It's like we still have her around and it keeps her a part of our life." Krista Mann

"These paintings have enriched my life. I own two - one of my present dog and one of a dearly departed dog. I look at them daily and sometimes get more pleasure from the painting than I do from the model. I have given two as presents, both to people who have lost their dogs. Their response was so great - tears, kisses and a slew of memories unleashed." Susan S.

"This economy is so awful, but your art is so irresistible! Good art and the love of our good dogs can sustain us through the worst times!"  Sandra S

"I love this. I find it hard to truly express how very grateful I am to you for bringing Foxy to life through your talents. I hope that someday I can find a way to do something that means as much to you as this will to Eric. I love the humor and whimsy you paint with so that every time Eric looks at "Foxy" he will smile with happiness instead of the sadness I know he feels. She was the light of his life. You are the best of the best and that is why I fell in love with your style."  Brett G.

"The judges, Brenda Lynch, Rae Huestis, and I, were completely charmed by the wit, vibrancy, and charm of the painting. We love the bold graphic look and the sunny Mediterranean/Californian feel. We also had a great time looking through all your other "naughty" dogs on your website. We don't know how you picked just one to submit!" Moira McLaughlin, Dog Art Today

" An honor like this is very well-deserved, and represents not just luck of the draw, but years upon years of study and effort.  " Cady Erickson

"I was looking at your web page earlier and I love your art - just looking at it makes me happy! My favorite are the "bad dogs" paintings!" Jeanne S.

"I was so drawn to the beautiful rendition of the German Shepherd you so wonderfully painted for the adopted family, and so alarmed and saddened a bit by what they shared (dogsitter’s neglect).But the gift you provided to them is so powerful a delight. You have such a gift that so many of us are so privileged to “own”. You are so nurtured by the stories you must hear weekly if not almost daily about those who come to you for their dog’s image. What a gift you have in more than just talent...the gift of your love to the pups and pussies’ lives. Thank you! This just came pouring out of my heart."  Greg H.

"Your site is BEAUTIFUL!  Wow!  Your colors and your work are amazing.  It’s stunning to see them unfold on the page." Jessie Dye

"The painting is absolutely perfect. We both wept when we saw it. Do not change a thing. We cannot thank you enough!" Cynthia Estes

"I am so glad I have this wonderful painting spread out before my eyes. It’s such a wonderful vision of what peace might be for all and for dogs on earth or elsewhere in spirit. Roger lived that spirit so much of his life, and you helped portray it!"   Greg Hunnicut

"Hi Nancy, just going thru your gallery again and your "Scooter" cracks me up - the expression captures it all! Your art is such an honest portrayal of dogs, so wonderfully colorful and just fun to enjoy. You should compile a beautiful art book of your dogs! " Linda S.

"I love this. I find it hard to truly express how very grateful I am to you for bringing Foxy to life through your talents. I hope that someday I can find a way to do something that means as much to you as this will to Eric. I love the humor and whimsy you paint with so that every time Eric looks at "Foxy" he will smile with happiness instead of the sadness I know he feels. She was the light of his life." Brett Gathrid

"And that’s why I also enjoy this painting, as I’ll have more than the photos and the memories to remind me of this li’l dog’s special place in my heart for the past 15-1/2 years. He had all these dog friends, big and small, when he was healthier and younger; he lit up the park six years ago when we moved here and was sort of the unofficial park greeter when out there."  Greg Hunnicut

“We love it, Nancy.   Thank you so much for the enormous amount of work and care that went into it.    It will be cherished.”  Celia Matson

Your work is terrific. Thanks for making me smile when I look at it. JL

All the best from Hingham, MA (south of Boston),  Mark Cullings

“So many animal paintings want them to look like a polaroid. Yours shows their personality. That wonderful brown dog smiling in the green plants was joy if I ever saw it. And, I have.”  Miles of Smiles

“I think you are amazing! What a wonderful
imagination and talent you have.”: )  Grace

“I just discovered your work on Evening magazine - what a joy! Your fun, folk-artsy style perfectly captures the lightness and joy of the dogs.I love how your paintings are fresh and alive. Do you ever teach classes?” KR

“Your paintings capture the personalities of the dogs so well, I thought I knew them. I wanted to throw their balls.”  Abil Bradshaw

 “I really think your art is fantastic. I think one of my favorite's is the one where all you can see is part of the tail and the ears of the dog lurking near the table LOL! “   Kim B

“Thanks so much Nancy!  I look at and cherish that painting every day.” MAS

“Wow! Your work has really gone to the dogs.  I love it.”  Jay

“I LOVED looking at so many of your images one after another - - love the bounty... and the way you capture each dog's expression/personality! “  Karen P

“I love the new version! It brought tears to my eyes when I opened the file. The rock on the widow ledge, the mountain, the picture in the background, I love it all!!!”  Steve M. 

“He LOVED it....got teary eyed. You really captured his "children". I think it's the best gift I ever gave him.”  Robin Gainey

"I couldn't be happier with the final potrtait of my Sweet Potato. Everyone who sees the painting exclaims about not only how you captured her looks, but her personality as well. Thanks again"  Nora Duffy
"I received the painting yesterday - it is fabulous! I have it hanging on my wall just to enjoy it before we give it to S and C. Really, it's perfect just as it is."   
Angela Parsons

"There are Black Labs and there are Black Labs---but THIS is Jackson."   Bill Hogelund

"Your wonderful painting of Dinah and Dakota is hanging in my dining room, making me smile every time I look at it. Without actually seeing them, you captured their individuality. You asked all the right questions, and were so patient with my concerns. Those Collies long ago stole my heart away; anyone looking at their laughing faces would know why. Thanks, Nancy."    Maggie Roth

“Wow! Freja looks like she could just jump off the page. “ Martha B

"Nancy captured the essence of our beloved Choppy- gorgeous, whimsical, and just plain cool. Brought tears to our eyes."  Fran Dunlap

“We love our painting of Sunny. We had to move a couple of times and then rent a house for a year while ours was being built. We took few of our possessions with us, but we always took the painting.”  Marilyn Allen

“They loved it!”  Amy G.

“You did an amazing job of capturing their spirit and good looks. “  Trish B.

"I am very happy with it (I have sent pics to all my friends) and I know we will treasure it even more with time.”  K.P.
“Thank you so much, Nancy. I can feel my darling dog whenever I look at it."  K.Z.

“I absolutely adore it, and had my bf put it up where I can easily see it from my couch. It's like having her there almost!”  Maggie Roth

"The thing i love about her art is that it captures those irresistible traits that we love about our pets, and those that we don't. But they are all done through the loving lens of the owner that puts up with their bad habits in order to enjoy the good ones." Dave, from blog www.swimpeteyswim.com

"Nancy Schutt is some good artist." -Daniel Pinkwater

..."Here’s how we did it, before dinner I got Rona and my mommy to go to another room to 'look something up on-line'. While we did that, Jeremy replaced a picture in the kitchen with Goldie’s painting. Rona finally noticed. I think her response was “Oh my God! It’s Goldie!!! And Goldie!!!”.
There was a great deal of laughing and shouting and hooting and hollering.”  SD

"It was the most wonderful surprise & present that I have ever received." JoAnne Rudo

“I think you’ve got it! When can I pick it up?”  RF

"OMG! you got it!!! this is exactly what I was hoping for but it's even better!" Lynn Conrad

"It's perfect! The more I look at it, I think it's one of your finest. I may be prejudiced, but everyone loves it. The way you captured her velvety ears, and Wyoming, I'm just enchanted with it."   Kate McDonald

"I just discovered your work on Evening magazine - what a joy! Your
fun, folk-artsy style perfectly captures the lightness and joy of the
dogs." KD

“Now to find a perfect spot for it...living room, entry way, downstairs living room.  I want it where I can look at it everyday several times a day.  Thanks again. This was a blast!” KC

“I like the expression he has as well.  If he is so light in person, just ignore me, That's what my husband does.” Jenny Isenbaum

“That is so nice that you say you're attached.  I too didn't want him to leave me.  Everyone who met him in life fell instantly in love and he still has that power, how amazing!!!  I truly enjoy this process, I so look forward to each new version.  I can imagine you have done 5 paintings,  I must be your biggest perfectionist client ever. There are so many stories in this piece.  So, many angles.  Even human interest, like how an unlikely pair like a blogging mother in Florida and a lesbian painter in Washington, became friends. “ JI

"You know how every once in awhile in life you meet someone that goes beyond your expectations? Meet Nancy Schutt." Bev Sparks

“Beautiful! Thank you again, so much. We love love love it! “ Jill M.

“ I LOVE IT!  The dog is on my wall for awhile so that I can enjoy it. My brother may have to fight me for it. It is a fantastic painting.”  Sho Driver

“Nancy's bold, unabashed use of color and playful compositions for her subjects are what first attracted us to her paintings.  Her giving nature and love for dogs (hers, ours and every one she works with) are what keeps her in our lives in what we hope to be a life-long friendship.  Her willingness to arrive before work on her painting even began, to meet the dogs, capture their personality through sketches and photographs, and following up long after we took the painting home to apply that one 'final touch' to make it perfect, shows her passion for her subjects and work.  Her painting of "The Kids" is one of the most personal gifts we've ever received . . . and certainly the centerpiece for the room we have it in.  Our good dogs are good dog art!”  Todd Dubay

“When I saw Nancy Schutt's paintings, my first impression was that she had somehow gained access to my house while I was away. She had captured on canvas my dog deep in dreamland on the couch, and my cats draped lazily across the back of an overstuffed chair. Her subjects ring sweet and true” Med Vets

“Nancy, you are amazing...this is perfect! THANK YOU!”  CP

"Nancy not only captured the true essence of Max, our 13 and 1/2 year old Schnauzer, she also captured our hearts when we saw the final portrait. It was just perfect! We really enjoyed the process with Nancy, from the very beginning interview to the final unveiling of the portrait.  Nancy involved us along the way just in case we had feedback, which we did, and she was able to incorporate what we wanted in the art. The end result exceeded our expectations!"  Jill Mehner 

“I loved the painting of Rocks, it captures her likeness so well, complete with ducks and airplanes, which are so much a part of her life. Thank you for such for capturing her sweetness and personality on canvas!”  Susie J

"I love Nancy's work, this is the second painting she's done for me. She really captured the true spirit of my dogs, and the vibrant colors bring the piece to life. She truly has the gift."  Sue W.

"Dear Nancy: I continue to enjoy the beautiful canvas portrait of my Teddy. I decided to take it to work. The response has been so wonderful. I really feel when people see this piece, they see a special inside peak into my "at home" life. It is instantaneous. I am very thankful for all the fun we have had on this project.  Blessings of Love & Encouragement," Marcia

"Hello, Nancy Schutt -- ! (I'm old enough to feel a little awkward using just your first name, especially since I'm quite in awe of you.) I'm an artist myself who's done some companion-animal stuff, and I really love and admire your technique and approach. The Rouseau-esque, sometimes fauvist joy with color and shape are really great, and your "primitive" (ha!) way with posture and expression is wonderful. No wonder people are so very pleased with your paintings."  KB

 "I'm sure you hear this all the time, but to see your own dogs in a painting is just so cool- I just love it and can't stop looking at it!" Robin Layton, Pulitzer Prize Nominee and Photographer

"You were obviously born with this amazing innate talent, your art. You honed the skill creating your style and preferred medium. Without your name on your art those who know your work would still know it is your work. The imagination came from your mind. But your love of animals and how you express that love and admiration comes from your heart. Your inner beauty flows from your heart to the canvas. It is a relection of how you nourish your inner self with what is true, beautiful, and noble...what you put into your mind is poured out from your heart onto the canvas. As we think inside is what we become and it is reflected in all aspects of our lives. What goes in always comes out in the true reflection of who we really are regardless of how we try to hide or portray ourselves outwardly. As we think in our hearts, so are we."  Dr. Kim Bloomer

"Last week, while I was wandering on the internet, I found your website and your paintings and I loved them! I loved the colors, the expressions of the dogs, the landscapes! Your paintings are gorgeous and very cheerful! I Googled you on Facebook and I found your page. When I read on your Facebook that I could win a painting of my girls signed by you, I was very excited and I decided to participate!" Sofia Mascaro

"Everyone loves the Little Daisy painting you did. I was going to email you last night after you posted the latest and suggest that you start a line of greeting cards with these images. Every one of them that you have done of the dogs on the iPad is fantastic! "  Annette Boose

"My painting arrived today and I can't stop looking at it! I can't believe I own a Nancy Schutt original!  I can't wait to show it off to Everyone I know.  So happy and filled with joy!"  Debby Peters

"The painting is thoroughly perfect, really wonderful!!! You captured their expressions very well! The colors of their hair, their eyes, their ears, so cute!! They look like the reality! I looooove the panting :) Thank you again! Warm hugs," Sofie

"The more I look at it the more I LOVE it!" Robin Reich

"I saw your prints that you sent this weekend as we had a basket party for the show – may I just say how AWESOME they are (you are very talented) and I will definitely be putting tickets in that basket." (from Paula Crotteau re a donation I made of prints to Search and Rescue Dogs for their fundraiser)