Dog Rescue News- Featured Artist October 2, 2014                                                                                         "Only a genuine dog lover could portray dogs the way artist Nancy Schutt does . . ."
by Dina Colton, Dog Rescue News, Fall 2014
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Coastal Canine Magazine- Featured Artist Summer 2013 Sep 29, 2013
"It started with doodles. Big dogs, little dogs, furry dogs; the little girl known as Nancy Schutt would draw them endlessly. But . . ." by Kelly Luker, Coastal Canine Magazine, Summer 2013
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Duster Dog makes Madrona News- Summer 2012 Sep 7, 2012
"Seventeen years ago I used the old building as a backdrop for a painting of Duster. . . It's a loss to the neighborhood and to the historical record when such landmarks must give way to duplicate condos."
Madrona News, Sept. 2012
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Modern Dog Magazine, featured artist Summer 2012 May 22, 2012
"How do you transition from courtroom artist to general contractor to dog portrait painter in the relatively short span of 20 years , , ," by Sara Lima, Modern Dog Magazine, Summer 2012
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Dog Days of Summer at Mutt Lynch- August 16, 2011 Aug 31, 2011
"The Dog Days of Summer this year at Mutt Lynch Winery was a heady experience. I gasped when I first saw the "Out of Reach" sitting on the table..." by Moira McLaughlin, Dog Art Today
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Studio Spotlight: Nancy Schutt - July 19, 2011 Jul 24, 2011
"I think her use of color, composition, and, most of all, humor, are simply brilliant. I am so pleased to share her work and her process with you in this studio spotlight." by Moira McLaughlin, Dog Art Today
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Mutt Lynch Winery- May 2011 Jun 27, 2011
Our 2011 Dog Art Wine Label Contest Winner is... Out of Reach! by Brenda Hardin Lynch
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Dog Art Today, May 25, 2011 Jun 1, 2011
Nancy Schutt's "Out of Reach" Wins! Dog Art Today by Moira Mc Laughlin
"Brenda contemplates the exclusive red wine she will create to complement Nancy's fearless, fun style..."
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The Bark Magazine Blog Oct 8, 2009
"Gone To The Dogs" by Lisa Wogan
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Have Dog Blog Will Travel Mar 24, 2009
"Interview with a dog artist: dogs are love."

by CeliaSue Hecht,
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Pawbuzz Mar 23, 2009
"Dog Gone Good Art" by Susie Chew,
"Every dog deserves good art. At least that is what Nancy Schutt believes. Schutt, founder of Good Dog Art, captures our favorite canines in some really unique and all too familiar moments."                                              view archived article

DC Dogs Examiner Nov 17, 2008
"Commissioned dog art" by Michele Critchell,
"Is your dog worthy of being immortalized on canvas" A commissioned painting is a very affordable gift for yourself or someone else."
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Dog Art Today Oct 22, 2008
"Play Ball with Nancy Schutt's Dog Art" by Moira McLaughlin,
"In honor of the start of the World Series tonight, here are some fabulous dogs from Seattle artist Nancy Schutt's Play Ball series. . .

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KC Dog Blog Sep 22, 2008
"Fun, creative stuff that supports people who support dogs" by Brent Toellner,
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Shelter of the Heart Sep 18, 2008
"At the Art of it All" by Jennifer McNamara
"People often say to me, I don't have room to adopt or foster one more animal. I really can't donate any more funds. I want to help I just don't know how. Again I say think outside the box, like Nancy Schutt you could think outside of the paint box."
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Dog's Life Magazine, Australia Sep 1, 2008
"DOGS, A Work of Art" by Dog's Life Magazine
" seems canine models just don't seem to care if their cellulite is showing or if there's no espresso coffee in the house..."
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Swim Petey Swim Jul 25, 2008
"Good Dog Art" by Dave and Petey
"...the thing i love about her art is that it captures those irresistible traits that we love about our pets, and those that we don't."
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Pop Dog Blog Jun 30, 2008
"Good Dog Art: A Review" by Melissa Doldron
"...Nancy creates wonderful illustrative pieces that look like they've been pulled from a story book. An adventure just waiting to be told."
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Bark'N'Blog Jun 24, 2008
"Pitbull Art, Pitbull Love, Forget BSL" by Dr. Kim Bloomer
"...She does beautiful art to help Pitbull Rescue Central... Nancy Schutt of Good Dog Art, WOOF! Support Pit Bull Rescue Central and buy Pit Bull art!!!"
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Three Doxies Dog Blog May 29, 2008
"A Portrait of Three Wieners Home Alone" by Howard Young
"...Besides being a really good dog portrait artist, Nancy demonstrates abstractness with a keen sense of dog humor."
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City Dog Magazine Apr 1, 2007
"Artist Nancy Schutt" by Kathy Herholdt, City Dog Magazine
"...Her first dog portrait was of her sister's dogs, to which her Mom suggested, 'Honey, you could make money at that.'"
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Seattle Magazine Apr 1, 2003
"For Your Best Friend" by Beth Luce, Seattle Magazine
"Nancy Schutt says her painting style is 'Hockney-esque', bold and colorful, it shows her subtle sense of humor."
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