Back to Blogging Dog Art!

Back to Blogging! I took a several month break from blogging to build a new website, paint some new paintings, go skiing, and to procrastinate on blogging. But I'm back, and as everyone "in the know" tells me, it is essential to blog if you are in business. Strange off beat business I have, painting dogs, but here it is.I thought I'd start anew with something old, from my previous caption the image contest. It seems to express my state of mind during the recent months of neglecting the blog. I am posting my favorite caption to this image from the contest of two years ago. Please feel free to post your own caption!

Custom paintings of dogs


"In the bag, Dog." Tracy

To see more images with captions, visit this page on my revamped website here, and click on the image to see the caption:

The Good Dog Art Blog has begun again...

Flying Free

Anita Nowacka Photography- Unique family photography by Seattle, WA photographer.