Paints arrived! Chroma Interactive asks me to product test new paints- Seattle, WA

Chroma Interactive artist's acrylic paints in 12 colors of my choice will be the medium I use on the next batch of paintings. Chroma wants feedback from artists on the product. They ask in return for an image of a painting I create that they may use for marketing the paints. I am quite happy to be a product tester for these paints. The colors are vivid and the paint has a consistency of extremely thick cream- and is just as luscious. I am going to try using the paints right from the jars and mixing colors directly on the painting surface rather than on palettes, as the consistency lends itself to that technique. I have been using Golden Paints, which are thicker and must be scooped out of the jars with a palette knife. I have loved my Goldens, but am very excited to be trying out paints that will change my painting technique. End results coming soon!