Madrona Auto, then and now- dog painting Seattle, WA

There is quite a bit of new construction going on in Seattle, and in my own Madrona neighborhood. Madrona Auto was a landmark in this neighborhood, a vintage building that was loved by residents, and is now gone, being replaced by much more lucrative condos. 17 years ago I used the old building as backdrop for a painting of Duster. I was just starting to paint dogs, and Duster, the dog of a friend, volunteered to be a model. I wandered the neighborhood looking for a backdrop for Duster, and decided upon the famous garage, three blocks from my home. It's a loss to the neighborhood and to the historical record when such landmarks must give way to duplicate condos.

Alas, those were the days when parking was always available, the Doll House greasy spoon was the only restaurant in Madrona, and the door to the Hat Shop was always open.