Painting lesson in the art studio- Seattle, WA

I gave a private painting lesson to 8 and 10 year old girls in my studio. Before the lesson I had them do homework involving some research and deep thought. Here are some of their answers: Favorite artists? (I sent a list of some artist's names they might like to check out, but they also had their own favorites).

1. David Hockney, David Wyse. (8 year old)

2. Matisse, Jennifer Mumford. (10 year old)

Favorite quote?

1. "I know it's hard but never give up." from a teacher at school (8 year old)

2. "A good friend is never forgotten but is always in the heart." from her mother (10 year old)

Most awesome goal as an artist? 1. To teach drawing to preschoolers. (8 year old)

2. To become a world famous artist. (10 year old)

Keep that vision!


the other finished piece from the overlapping exercise