Chicken love, intelligence, and whispering.

I was quite taken by some chickens recently, and I think they deserve space here even if it is a dog art blog.

I went to visit friends on Vashon Island this weekend and got a bit of a lesson in chickens. I am assured that they are very smart, something I never heard about chickens before. They know their names and come when called by name, they communicate when they are sick or want something, they like sitting on laps and being petted, and they come running with the news that there is a raccoon in the area. My friend must keep a child's gate at her open door or they will make themselves at home in the living room. Maybe my friend is a chicken whisperer. I came home with fresh eggs, each one identified by my friend as to who laid it- Amelia, Winnie, Buela, Bertie, Gladys, Maxine, Henrietta . . .

eggs from Kai

Kai and chickens

chicken on lap

chicken in living room

Oh yes, there was a Black Lab too, Rosie, who almost killed my dog three years ago. Really. But that's another story.

iPad painting by Seattle dog artist.