Win a packet of dog art greeting cards!

Caption the Holiday card! Winning caption will receive a box of dog art greeting cards. Woof!

"All I want for Christmas is you." AAB

"Have a wonder ruff Christmas!" CW

"A 'forever home' AND a present! so happy!!!!" DC

"I love you too" DP

"Is it present time yet?" MQ

"Let's see, it starts with a 'B' ? I'm thinking Bone, Biscuit......BALL, IS IT A BALL???" VAK

"But I ate your couch...." Exactly the look I got from my Basenji after she did just that and I love her just the same. MJW

"I hope it's (not?) a kitten!" HJ

"Is there enough for Bonnie too?" LM

"This is so nice I could cry." LM

"So you haven't noticed the cat is missing??? Good!" RM

"Please, please, please....can I open it? Can I?" KLG

"The dog ate the gift I had for you." SS

"If the world will come to an end, now is the perfect time to open my gift." JD

"Aww...and I didn't get you anything..." SM

"Would you help me open my present?... I'm all paws..." GWS

"I hope you like it!" JC