Painting of Duster dog makes Madrona News! Seattle, WA

Our own little neighborhood newspaper placed a short article about my blog post from Aug. 6 regarding the Madrona Auto building, which was in the process of being torn down to make way for live/work lofts. We residents of Madrona love our little family oriented community, and know how special it is to live in a place with quiet streets, large green spaces, and the best restaurants in Seattle. Now one of the Madrona landmarks is gone, and a new four story complex is being built. It's a loss, but it makes sense. Madrona Auto has made way for new housing that will provide living space for many people, so there is the trade off. We keep the green spaces, and pack the people in the commercial area. Bye bye Madrona Auto. I used Madrona Auto as the backdrop for a painting of Duster, 17 years ago.

"Those were the days when parking was always available, The Doll House was the only restaurant in Madrona, and the door to the Hat Shop was always open."

Ah yes, those were the days, but so are these.