Tribute to Kosmo, sweet silky terrier, 1998-2016

This is the final version of a digital painting of sweet Kosmo, a snowbird pup who lived part time in Florida and part time in Virginia. The painting was a gift from Jacki to partner Glenn, who is still aching over the relatively new absence of his much beloved dog. Kozzy had a short tower with a bell that she used to signal w her humans when she wanted something- time to go for a walk, where's my food?, it's five o'clock (five rings). Kozzy was quite the communicator- she would bring her comb to Glenn when she wanted to be groomed, and she'd sing to "Who Let the Dogs Out" during football games. Kosmo is dearly missed. (Glenn wrote me- "I opened up my Valentines gift and it brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful job- thank you!" )

Original iPad painting by Seattle dog artist, Nancy Schutt.