Dog Art Portraits and the People They Own- Seattle, WA

I have been working on double portraits lately, in this case, a quadruple portrait of Jack Russell Terriers Axel (on the chair) and Dash, cat friend Eva, and the human in the mix, Robin Gainey. The timing of finishing this portrait worked out quite nicely with the show at Robin's book release party (post below), where the painting was displayed along with other dog paintings. When I was interviewing Robin and the cast of characters for the painting at the home appointment (and photographing and sketching the crew), I asked Robin why Jack Russells were her dog of choice. The immediate response was, "For entertainment!"

Dash certainly provided it during the interview. He was everywhere, but mostly in a position of questioning everything that was going on with a direct and inquiring in-your-face gaze, like a really smart 7 year old who can't stop interrupting. His preferred location was the top of the chair, while Eva the cat kept some distance, and Axel the Elder patiently observed the scene.