So many clever captions submitted on my facebook page that I cannot decide which one wins the box of Dog Art Greeting Cards. Here they all are:

LR- "The good life!" Pink Daisy - "Lifes a Beach!" HEF- "Life's a bitch on a beach. ;)~" JB- "Where is my pack? I fell asleep and woke up and they were gone." NP- "Stay is so hard!" NP- I have this wonderful print on my bedroom wall and I often think this obedient lab must be having a really hard time not racing into the sea. NP- "High Noon by the Dune" LMA- "A dream of distant places." NP- "Dune buddy. LBE- "Sometimes you have to relax and hit the "paws" button!" LBE- "Dog Days of Summer" LBE- "At the Canine, Canine Cabana! (sung by Barry Manilow, of course;)" LBE- "I wanna be where I don't need a WOOF over my head!" hahahaa SK- "Beach Bum!" DTG- " Happy as a Clam at High Tide!" BMcL- "Nothing is friendlier than a wet dog…" GWS- "Fido relaxes in the shade while on vacation,and thinks to himself where did I bury that bone? ... Ah screw it, I'll just bark for some room service.... Inside wish you were here..." JF- " Where is that dog from Ipanema anyway?" TS- "In my solitude."

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