Black Lab

Steps in the development of a painting- dog art, Seattle, WA

There are many steps in the creation of a painting, beginning with the initial on-site interview with the dogs and people (if at all possible, it's the best first step! to actually meet the dogs on their home turf and have a face to face with all parties). I sketch and photograph the dogs in their environment, and take notes during the interview about the particular personalities of the animals in order to better know how to portray them being most themselves. Then I create a digital painting in order to determine the basic composition. I email images of the digital painting to the client, who then makes suggestions and requests for changes. This process repeats itself until both the client and I are satisfied with the digital painting, which then becomes the model for the actual physical painting.

Then I start painting in the studio. It usually takes several email reviews of the work in progress by the client before we arrive at a final piece. Here are the many versions of Sucia and Ivy.

Photos and sketches from the initial in-person interview at the home of Sucia and Ivy

Three digital versions of the composition created with a touchscreen iPad tablet

Sucia Ivy progression2

Final painting of Sucia and Ivy at home


If there's a dog in it, is it still art? Presentation on "kitsch", Seattle, WA

I finally edited the video of a presentation I did last year as a "Pecha Kucha", a style of presentation where each presenter is given 6 minutes to show 20 slides for 20 seconds each. The presenter has no control of the slideshow. It was tricky! The topic was "Kitsch- Bad Art Gone Good", link below to youtube vid.

kitsch PK fb

Who Let the Dogs Out? Snohomish, WA

Five dogs, all rescues, share a peaceful home in Snohomish, WA.From left to right, Allie- who is certain she is alpha to the world, Pearl- the equanimous Buddha, and watcher of all creatures in trees, Lou-the real pack leader; tolerant of all and friend to all, Ruthie- the gentle one, but can be sneaky and crafty, and Gussy- the Diva, who knows she is the prettiest. This may have been the most fun I've ever had painting!

Five dogs at home by Seattle artist Nancy Schutt

Chicken love, intelligence, and whispering.

I was quite taken by some chickens recently, and I think they deserve space here even if it is a dog art blog.

I went to visit friends on Vashon Island this weekend and got a bit of a lesson in chickens. I am assured that they are very smart, something I never heard about chickens before. They know their names and come when called by name, they communicate when they are sick or want something, they like sitting on laps and being petted, and they come running with the news that there is a raccoon in the area. My friend must keep a child's gate at her open door or they will make themselves at home in the living room. Maybe my friend is a chicken whisperer. I came home with fresh eggs, each one identified by my friend as to who laid it- Amelia, Winnie, Buela, Bertie, Gladys, Maxine, Henrietta . . .

eggs from Kai

Kai and chickens

chicken on lap

chicken in living room

Oh yes, there was a Black Lab too, Rosie, who almost killed my dog three years ago. Really. But that's another story.

iPad painting by Seattle dog artist.

iPad painting printed on canvas- digital dog as wall art

My client ordered a canvas print of my iPad painting of her dog, Maggie. I picked up the print and put it on my wall to see how it looks as wall art. I have to say that Bellevue Fine Art Reproductions does a very high quality job printing the images, both on canvas and paper. Thank you Scott! It looks fabulous. Coming to your home soon Sally! iPad painting by Seattle dog artist.

CAPTION THE HOLIDAY CARD! Dog art for Christmas

And win a box of assorted Dog Art Greeting Cards!

dog art Labrador Retrievers Christmas card

Deer Santa.....All we want for Christmas is Peace, Love and Pawprints! Marjie Clark

Dogs love Holidays and Trucks! Carol H.

I like you but are you sure you can pull the sleigh??? Kate S.

We're over the top around here, all right- heads over tails. Teresa S.

Bless your bones this holiday season. Krista

HO, HO, HO........we're calling PETA! Sue W.

Yellow dog to blk dog, "just a few more minutes, keep smiling, we're sure to get a biscuit after this!" Inside card: May the holidays bring you lots of smiles! Wyler H.

We get a lot more cats during the holidays with disguises. Bob D.

The things we do for love. Tina L.

Faithful friends who are dear to us will be near to us once more. Teresa S.

Happy Holidays from two Happy Dogs with Happy Lives! Susan C.

Happy Holidays from our dogs to yours! Ron H.

Lab Love- Labrador Retriever Dog Art


Even if you don't have a Lab, with their dedication ot service, desire to fulfill our every request, and goofy enthusiasm for whatever project is at hand, you gotta love 'em!

(All images are available as limited edition prints!)

Love of Labs