Studio in the setting sun- backyard, Seattle, WA

Studio in the setting sun. Looks tilted but that's the camera. A hummingbird is visiting too. A small backyard green space can be a such a refuge for urban wildlife, and me. I've seen peregrine falcons, doves, all kinds of finches, warblers, cedar waxwings, and racoons. This is in the middle of a big city, on a standard lot. Creating green space matters. We all need it. Strikes me as odd to say "creating" it, since green space was here way before we were. studio in setting sun

Painting of Tami, from 1986- Seattle, WA

I'm scanning and cataloging more portraits from the early days in the Fremont studio over the Red Door Tavern. Back then the Fremont area of Seattle was definitely not shishi. It was vintage clothing stores and Espresso to Go, a take-out pizza joint and Cape Cod Comfy Chairs- and there was always parking. I used to walk to the studio from my rental room on Baker Ave from which I could see the Ship Canal and the Olympic Mountains, and for that one didn't pay extra. I anguished over whether I could possibly be a painter. This is a portrait of Tami, girlfriend of a friend, who sat for me so I could try my hand at some painted portraits. Nancy Schutt Seattle portrait painter- early work

Painting lesson in the art studio- Seattle, WA

I gave a private painting lesson to 8 and 10 year old girls in my studio. Before the lesson I had them do homework involving some research and deep thought. Here are some of their answers: Favorite artists? (I sent a list of some artist's names they might like to check out, but they also had their own favorites).

1. David Hockney, David Wyse. (8 year old)

2. Matisse, Jennifer Mumford. (10 year old)

Favorite quote?

1. "I know it's hard but never give up." from a teacher at school (8 year old)

2. "A good friend is never forgotten but is always in the heart." from her mother (10 year old)

Most awesome goal as an artist? 1. To teach drawing to preschoolers. (8 year old)

2. To become a world famous artist. (10 year old)

Keep that vision!


the other finished piece from the overlapping exercise