Pilgrimage to Abiquiu, home of Georgia O'Keeffe

I finally made the journey to the home of Georgia O'Keeffe, after many years of unrealized intentions to do so. Wow, what a moving and beautiful experience. Photography was not permitted in or around her home, but I did photograph some of the surrounding landscape that she made so famous. Here I have placed photos of her paintings alongside photos of her home I found online, and with my photos of the landscape. Okeefe grooming Chows

O'Keeffe grooming her Chows in the courtyard.


O'Keeffe's courtyard, where she was sitting when grooming the Chows. This would have been her view if she looked up.


The Pedernal mountain both as O'Keeffe painting  and a photo I took.

Red cliffs

Red rocks near Ghost Ranch, the dude ranch where she first stayed in the area before purchasing the home at Abiquiu (which took ten years of negociations!)

Road to Abiquiu

The view from her window of the road to her home in Abiquiu.


Ah, the skull.

Okeefe and Chow

Two profiles.

me at ghost ranchMe with Ghost Ranch in the distance.

Dog art gift bags- Seattle, WA

If you are a frequent flyer at All the Best Pet Care in Seattle, you'll be receiving a gift bag with goodies for your dog or cat, featuring Vincent, one of my early dog portraits on one side, and Sydney and Lindsey the cats, on the other. Full of tempting treats for Pablo, but he was truly fascinated with the sock monkey and claimed it as his own after the first squeak.

Dog and Cat Art Tote Bag at "All the Best Pet Care"- Seattle, WA

Seattle based pet care company "All the Best" is producing tote bags for the Christmas season with images from my paintings displayed on the sides- "Lindsey and Sydney" the cats on one side, and "Vincent" the Chow dog on the other. There will be a limited number of them available, and they will be given as gifts to the first customers during the Holiday season. You know what happens right after Thanksgiving- it all begins. Get in early!