Terrier dog art

Tribute to Roger


Roger dog, beloved friend of Greg and many other humans and dogs, passed on Monday, April 18. He was just shy of 16 years, an approximate age since Roger was a street dog in Dallas as a youngster when he chose Greg as his human companion, so no one really knows his actual age. He had a long and lovely life, and I am grateful that I had the opportunity to get to know him, and be included in his circle of friends. There are two tribute paintings to Roger, the first is Roger in his younger days, when I first got to know him. He was such gentle guy, except to rodents! Rest in peace, sweet man, and know that you lived on this planet with love. We miss you.

Roger in the Park


This is a second painting as a tribute to Roger, and all the dogs he had as friends, gathering in the same park on Lake Washington. In Greg's words:

"It’s such a wonderful vision of what peace might be for all and for dogs on earth or elsewhere in spirit. Roger lived that spirit so much of his life."

Sunday in the Park"Sunday in the Park"

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