Beagle art

Scans of dog art, the way to go to document a portfolio- Bellevue, WA

I have been taking my paintings to Bellevue Fine Art Reproduction for the past few years so that I can document my work in the highest quality possible on earth. Thank you BFAR! The images are awesome! I just had to offer to the world my appreciation for the fine work done by Scott, Tomoko, Redd, Syd, Amanda & JJ the dog.

Come to think of it, I think JJ needs a portrait. She asks every time I come by. But this is William, lover of kongs and all things fun, and a fine scan indeed.


Original painting by Seattle dog artist.

New York, New York- my dog in the city

I recently returned from a wonderful trip to NYC. Stayed where I stayed at a friend's loft twenty years ago, two blocks from the Hudson in lower Manhattan. Twenty years ago I painted my dog, Shake Sugaree, sitting near the river in front of a long distance view of the Statue of Liberty. Same view twenty years later. Shakey and Statue Liberty fb Statue of liberty

Dog Love of my Life, Shake Sugaree- Seattle, WA

Back in Seattle now, working on long-needed cleaning out of closets and drawers. It's spring. Found this old photo which has been missing for years, in the back of a closet. The photo is of my beloved Shake Sugaree, taken by girlfriend at the time, about 20 years ago. Shakey was the dog love of my life- a Bassett mix, ball obsessed, swimmer and leaper, talker, garbage hound, sweetheart of a dog and smarter than me. I still miss her. I could hear her breathing in my room on her bed for months after she passed.The photo is of Shakey in her later years, and the numbers are from one time after I walked her (off leash of course in those days, and she would run all through the woods), in the arboretum. She came back to my truck and hurled the numbers on the floor. It was so odd that she ate some plastic numbers, from god knows where. My girlfriend took the numbers from the garbage and made the photo- "Some Lucky Dog" referring to the Washington State Lottery promos saying "some lucky dog is going to win the lottery!". We used to try her numbers on lotto tickets, but never won. The way I won is that I got to share life with my beloved Shake Sugaree, all the way to the end.

shakey lucky dog fb

Rescued Beagles as Fine Art Dog Paintings

I often donate prints to animal welfare groups. These Beagle prints are going to a fundraiser for Southern Nevada Beagle Rescue Foundation. Beagles are compliant and unaggressive by nature, which makes them sweethearts but also primary subjects for laboratory experiments. It is heartbreaking to know this, but heartening to also know that SNBR and other groups are working hard to help alleviate the suffering of animals. Beagle Dog Art