Who Let the Dogs Out? Snohomish, WA

Five dogs, all rescues, share a peaceful home in Snohomish, WA.From left to right, Allie- who is certain she is alpha to the world, Pearl- the equanimous Buddha, and watcher of all creatures in trees, Lou-the real pack leader; tolerant of all and friend to all, Ruthie- the gentle one, but can be sneaky and crafty, and Gussy- the Diva, who knows she is the prettiest. This may have been the most fun I've ever had painting!

Five dogs at home by Seattle artist Nancy Schutt

Lab and Mutt as iPad dog art painting- two dogs that understand Portugese.

Lisa e Brama are Brazilian. This is the message I received from their person, Sophia, who also speaks English!"The painting is thoroughly perfect, really wonderful!!! You captured their expressions very well! The colors of their hair, their eyes, their ears, so cute!! They look like the reality! I looooove the painting :)

Thank you again! Warm hugs,


iPad painting by Seattle dog artist.

Theo as an iPad painting in preparation for a painted portrait- Seattle, WA

The old man sits before his charge, the park at North Acres., the desired setting for Theo in this painting. He is "surveying all that he believes is his" for this portrait, as is customary for him. I love this dog. I hate the idea of him leaving us. So many friends will miss him.

Nancy Schutt Dog Artist iPad Paintings

Dog Love of my Life, Shake Sugaree- Seattle, WA

Back in Seattle now, working on long-needed cleaning out of closets and drawers. It's spring. Found this old photo which has been missing for years, in the back of a closet. The photo is of my beloved Shake Sugaree, taken by girlfriend at the time, about 20 years ago. Shakey was the dog love of my life- a Bassett mix, ball obsessed, swimmer and leaper, talker, garbage hound, sweetheart of a dog and smarter than me. I still miss her. I could hear her breathing in my room on her bed for months after she passed.The photo is of Shakey in her later years, and the numbers are from one time after I walked her (off leash of course in those days, and she would run all through the woods), in the arboretum. She came back to my truck and hurled the numbers on the floor. It was so odd that she ate some plastic numbers, from god knows where. My girlfriend took the numbers from the garbage and made the photo- "Some Lucky Dog" referring to the Washington State Lottery promos saying "some lucky dog is going to win the lottery!". We used to try her numbers on lotto tickets, but never won. The way I won is that I got to share life with my beloved Shake Sugaree, all the way to the end.

shakey lucky dog fb