Dog Art Wedding Gift- Portland, Ore.

Tis the season of weddings! Opening the gift of a print on canvas of Arlo, a digital painting created on the iPad.Congratulations to Jocelyn, Colin, and Arlo on your marriage! All three of you.

Lauren Brooks Photography

Nancy Schutt Seattle dog artist iPad painting of Arlo

Painted pet portrait on the iPad- Gracey the dog, in her field- Colorado

Continuing the iPad painted portraits. This is from a contest I ran on my facebook page in which I offered a free iPad portrait of your dog. I received many entries and had a difficult time choosing which one should win, so I am creating several portraits. Gracey is the first winner from the contest, and isn't she just a winner anyway? Lovely girl. Nancy Schutt Dog Artist iPad Paintings



IPad playback- five dogs painting from start to finish- Seattle, WA

A truly wonderful feature of the Brushes app on the iPad is the playback.  There are eight layers in this painting: the initial sketch, one for each dog, and two background layers. Each layer can be transformed, resized, and moved around, which you can watch happening in this playback. I was working from a bunch of photos I laid out on a table. Not much planning involved, I just started sketching and it developed. Now to turn it into a painting with real, not virtual, brushes and paint!

Click here to see the video!