Chocolate Lab

Chocolate Labrador retriever, farm dog in Corning, California

We are well past the holidays now so I can post paintings that were commissioned as holiday gifts. This is Lucy, beloved ranch dog and family member. Lucy lives on an olive ranch in California and was a gift from the kids to the parents, who own and operate the ranch- with Lucy's help. Lucy's main squeeze is in the background working on the tractor. One of Lucy's jobs is to make sure he takes breaks- to throw the ball of course.

Manny- Chocolate Lab who thinks he's doing the right thing.

Manny tries hard to be a good dog, but he's not real sure what that is.Manny was found wandering the streets of Wenatchee. The person who found him brought him to a shelter. Manny is 106 lbs and 8-10 years old and nobody wanted him, so his time was up. Somebody at the shelter (kill shelter) convinced PAWS to take him, which is where Nina and Dave found him. Nina says Manny is just a great dog. He is very loyal and follows them from room to room. He loves tennis balls and swimming in Lake Washington, after all, he is a Lab. He is looking forward to spending his senior years lounging by the fire and getting into any unattended food he can find.

iPad painting by Seattle dog artist.


Lab Love- Labrador Retriever Dog Art


Even if you don't have a Lab, with their dedication ot service, desire to fulfill our every request, and goofy enthusiasm for whatever project is at hand, you gotta love 'em!

(All images are available as limited edition prints!)

Love of Labs