Yellow Lab

Beagle Belle, Penny the sort-of-Lab, and Pepper the cat- Miami, FL

Progression of a digital painting created on the iPad, of Belle (Beagle) and Penny (variety pack) with Pepper the cat (who doesn't like to leave the house) at home in Miami. The progression shows how much a painting can change as it is developed, and it's not done yet! Client feedback is helping to determine where the painting goes, and I'm waiting now for further suggestions and preferences to determine the next step in the painting. I will post the final version when we get there. Belle, Penny and Pepper Belle and Penny 2 web  Belle and Penny3 webBelle and Penny 5 web

Steps in the development of a painting- dog art, Seattle, WA

There are many steps in the creation of a painting, beginning with the initial on-site interview with the dogs and people (if at all possible, it's the best first step! to actually meet the dogs on their home turf and have a face to face with all parties). I sketch and photograph the dogs in their environment, and take notes during the interview about the particular personalities of the animals in order to better know how to portray them being most themselves. Then I create a digital painting in order to determine the basic composition. I email images of the digital painting to the client, who then makes suggestions and requests for changes. This process repeats itself until both the client and I are satisfied with the digital painting, which then becomes the model for the actual physical painting.

Then I start painting in the studio. It usually takes several email reviews of the work in progress by the client before we arrive at a final piece. Here are the many versions of Sucia and Ivy.

Photos and sketches from the initial in-person interview at the home of Sucia and Ivy

Three digital versions of the composition created with a touchscreen iPad tablet

Sucia Ivy progression2

Final painting of Sucia and Ivy at home


Dog Art in New York City- Buddy in Central Park

Another painting I did years ago with New York City as a backdrop. This time it's the other huge landmark, Central Park, which provides the setting, and was a favorite spot for Buddy. Buddy's person said that at the time, take-out Chinese food and Cokes were the picnic items, and Buddy NEVER tried to get into the fare. He was only interested in the ball. The photo is a panorama shot I took last week when i was in NYC walking through Central Park. It highlights the use of artistic license in the painting!

   Original painting by Seattle dog artist. Original painting by Seattle dog artist.

Tribute to Angus, the most spiritually evolved dog I ever met.

Another great soul has passed. I received this note yesterday from the human companion of Angus:"Angus was the sweetest dog I ever knew and one of the rare genuinely good people to grace this earth."

Angus was one of those zen-like dogs who seemed to be kind in every cell. He possessed equanimity and grace. Except for squirrels. Maybe for them too, as I don't believe he ever caught one. He did keep us safe from them however, when we took a walk at Lincoln Park years ago. Angus was a sweetheart of a dog. I painted a second painting of Angus for myself, of him napping, and it hangs over my desk. He keeps me company always. I like that.

Angus- Original painted portrait by Seattle artist Nancy Schutt

Original dog painting by Seattle artist Nancy Schutt

Original painting by Seattle pet artist Nancy Schutt.


Painting of dog walking the tracks has a problem,Yellow Lab dog is the solution!

I knew something was not quite right with the earlier version of the painting of the dog walking the train tracks, and yesterday when I was walking Pablo I saw the answer to my problem. The answer was Kate, a Yellow Lab that we passed on our stroll at Interlaken, who had such a fine wiggle as she walked, and was patient and kind to my temperamental Chihuahua, so I videoed her walking towards me with it in mind that she might be the solution to my painting problem. And she is. This is Kate, also know as "Katherine!", when she is distracted and not doing as told. Kate is well behaved, sweet as can be, ball crazy, and working on becoming a therapy dog.

iPad painting by Seattle dog artist.

Angus- Labrador Retriever Painting in Progress- Seattle, WA

When working on a painting, I often try various color combinations before deciding upon one particular composition.Angus had many variations, almost entirely in the background, except for some changes in his expression. His person preferred the serious Angus, but as always, my preoccupation was with composition and color.


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dog art Labrador Retrievers Christmas card

Deer Santa.....All we want for Christmas is Peace, Love and Pawprints! Marjie Clark

Dogs love Holidays and Trucks! Carol H.

I like you but are you sure you can pull the sleigh??? Kate S.

We're over the top around here, all right- heads over tails. Teresa S.

Bless your bones this holiday season. Krista

HO, HO, HO........we're calling PETA! Sue W.

Yellow dog to blk dog, "just a few more minutes, keep smiling, we're sure to get a biscuit after this!" Inside card: May the holidays bring you lots of smiles! Wyler H.

We get a lot more cats during the holidays with disguises. Bob D.

The things we do for love. Tina L.

Faithful friends who are dear to us will be near to us once more. Teresa S.

Happy Holidays from two Happy Dogs with Happy Lives! Susan C.

Happy Holidays from our dogs to yours! Ron H.

Lab Love- Labrador Retriever Dog Art


Even if you don't have a Lab, with their dedication ot service, desire to fulfill our every request, and goofy enthusiasm for whatever project is at hand, you gotta love 'em!

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Love of Labs